Marc Herbert's public directory

You'll find here my resume (et aussi en français/in french)

Besides this, you will find here only computer-related stuff which you will surely find very boring if your geekness level is near zero (actually even my resume is only computer-related).

Serious stuff

As part of my research work I have investigated congestion and flow control in TCP/IP networks.

Here you can read a hopefully pedagogic explanation of how a TCP sender continuously adapts its throughput to the available network capacity.

In this modest NoQ project, I tried to demonstrate the feasibility of replacing in small IP networks the above algorithm by an hop-by-hop flow control scheme called "backpressure".


Install linux without any removable

Save polycarbonate trees now! I wrote a (world-famous!) document explaining how to install most Linux distributions without any removable media (CD, floppy, USB-key etc.). Yes you can do it, it's really easy. The trick is simply to 1. download the installer on your hard disk; 2. boot it using your previous operating system 3. go on like for a network install. Except you don't need to setup a boot server.

Linux kernel 2.6 on Debian woody

HOWTO here

Scripts and patches

I try to be good citizen and contribute back some code or bugfixes to the free software community.

A RIS to bibtex converter written in Perl.

A bugfix for x2x allowing it to work across different keyboards.

Some patches for ASK

Patches to backport up-to-date debian packages to the old woody

ocaml 3.08

firefox 1.0
You can install the binary package for this backport from the excellent

Unclassified stuff

A joke from Microsoft advertising department.

Zone française - French stuff

Il y a longtemps j'ai écrit quelques documents en français. Il reste encore des choses valables dedans.

Une tentative pour décrypter les arguments apocalyptiques des vendeurs d'antivirus.

Quelques conseils sur l'utilisation du mail

Une étude technique sur le nouveau "caractère" euro et les polices de caractères.

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